Mr. Brog Pot Briar Tobacco Pipe - Model No: 87 Atachee - Mediterranean Briar Wood - Hand Made

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The 87 Attachee Briar Tobacco Pipe is the perfect blend of classic and modern design. Each piece is handmade with great attention to detail. The sleek and straight shape with a gradual stem taper at the mouth piece adds sophistication. It is constructed with high-quality, genuine Mediterranean Briar wood. A semi-gloss finish shows off the wood's grain to perfection. The Attachee smokes great and has a smooth, soft draw. Its compact bowl fits nicely in the palm for a comfortable grip while looking sexy and sharp. It comes in a gift box with a soft protective pipe bag which can also double as a cleaning cloth. With over a million pipes sold since 1948, Mr. Brog is the master when it comes to filling the needs of tobacco pipe users. Trust us when we say this pipe will not disappoint.

  • Mr. Brog's handmade tobacco pipes make the perfect gift for any pipe connoisseur
  • This briar pipe's straight stem is connected to the bowl with an etched silver band
  • Provides a smooth, soft draw
  • Made with high-quality, genuine Mediterranean Briar wood
  • Comes in a fashionable gift box