Strongest Rigid Cigar Car Humidor - Made of Spanish Cedar Wood, Stainless Steel & Leather

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Color: Red

Mrs. Brog has partnered with top auto engineers to let cigar lovers preserve their bogies even when riding a powerful racing car, with this innovative and exclusive car humidor.
The in-car humidifier looks totally desirable with a modern finish and tire-like side panels, which also gives it rubber protection to make it rugged.
Top materials have been designed into this Car Humidor, Rubber Sides, Leather Bottom, Stainless Steel Carry Handle, and most importantly, A Full Spanish Cedar Wood Interior Casing.

Ride your car with all you cigars without ever worrying about the bogies staying intact. This strong heavy duty humidor will keep them protected in any circumstance.
The unit requires no installation and has been tested on top racing cars.
Its drawer mechanism is operated-opened by the touch of a button. It is designed to Velcro (not included) to the floor of your car's trunk and hold 20-25 extra large cigars secured even during sporty driving.
The Car Humidor includes an external hygrometer and an internal humidifier, with two partitions that can be positioned in different layouts to accommodate any mixture of your cigar collection.

Outer : L x W x H
37cm (14.5") x 23cm (9") x 8cm (3.2")
Inner : L x W x H
26.5cm (10.5") x 20cm (8") x 6.35cm (2.5")
Store up to 25 sticks of Double size cigars
Product Weight: 2950g Gift Box Weight: 2350g

  • Preserves Your Cigars Even On Bumpy Speedy Wild Rides
  • Integrated Hygrometer and Humidifier
  • Full Spanish Cedar Wood Interior Casing
  • 2 Partitions Included for Various Layouts
  • Front End Stnaless Steel Handle for Easy Carry Along