Lilka Classica Tobacco Pipe - Model No: 838M - Handmade

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Lilka Classica puts all its resources into scouting for the finest artists, and the finest blocks, to deliver the finest pipes.
At Lilka Classica we believe that the pipe should be a fine art piece.
We put great emphasis on finding the blocks that will show the beauty of natural grains, while preserving and resisting the heat during use.
Not many blocks can meet this criteria, and we pride in our R&D team that has delivered such excellent results.
Never the less, we will trust these blocks only to the finest hand carvers on the market, bound together with a team of top designers and finishers, these finished pipes are truly un-matched by close to none.
Since the pipes are hand made, and designed to show maximum natural wood grain, "NO TWO PIPES WILL BE THE SAME", each pipe will be slighty different and unique. The photo shown in this listing is as close as possible to the pipe you will get.
Buy with confidence, as our brand is here to back it up, we will care for our "pipers" as part of our family.

  • Mini Churchwarden Styled Pipe