Tobacco Pipe Stand - Santa on a Sleigh with a Reindeer - Do It Yourself Wooden Puzzle

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Yes, Sanata Can Deliver Those Pipes for you with a Sleigh and a Reindeer!
Getting board of those old pipe racks holding your pipes? Need to buy somehting unique and different for your pipe buddy or yourself?
Well, this is a perfect fit, a flat wooden piece, but out with lazer in Mr. Brog's studio to make it easy for you to do a little arts-&-crafts.
It's a beautiful stand that maximizes your pipe view.
While it is beautiful in its natural form and color, you can paint it or shade it to match your pipe color.
Fits Most Pipes.
A Great Gift For Your Buddy Pipe Enthusiast.

  • A Beautiful Stand To Maximize Your Pipe View
  • Do It Yourself - A Great Art Gift
  • Paint It The Color Of Your Desire
  • Fits Most Pipes
  • A Great Gift For Your Buddy Pipe Enthusiast