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Beginning Tips for Pipe Smokers | Mr. Brog Handmade Pipes

Here are some pipe smoking tips that can enhance your experience:

Carbonized Lining

In order to get a pleasurable smoke from your pipe, you will need to build up a carbonized lining to the entire bowl interior, which helps insulate the bowl for a cooler, more flavorsome smoke. With most pipes smoking five to seven bowlfuls of tobacco with the bowl only half-filled with help to start producing a nice carbonized lining.

Packing Your Pipe 

Filling your pipe is the most important step. If done properly, your first bowlful should be quite pleasant, but if done incorrectly your pipe may burn hot and bitter.

We usually call this tongue bite! That stinging sensation on the tip of your tongue, that makes many potential pipe smokers abandon the hobby prematurely, is caused by not filling the bowl correctly and by using tobacco that is too moist or too dry. 

Lighting Your Pipe

When lighting your pipe it is preferred to use a pipe lighter or wooden matches. The first light is called the ‘charring light’. Its purpose is to create a charred ‘lid’ of tobacco that will hold the second light. When creating the charring light, move the flame all around the tobacco, igniting it completely, but be careful not to scorch the bowl rim. Once completed, tamp the charred lid down gently. Now you are ready for the second light. Puff slowly and move your lighter over the charred tobacco making sure to light the entire bowl.

Things to Keep in Mind

Also note that because tobacco is a natural product, it will go out if not puffed regularly so do not be afraid to relight the pipe throughout the course of your smoke.

Make sure you never refill a pipe when it is still warm. Clean the stem regularly by the simple process of pushing a pipe cleaner through it.

Most pipe smokers own multiple pipes for smoking different days of the week allowing the proper time to cool. If you smoke your pipe to hot you could develop burnout where a pipe will burn a hole through the wood. It is very important to look after your pipe properly. Taking care of, your pipe will last for many years, improving with age.

If you ever have any questions, regarding these pipe smoking tips or in general, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to help! 

And if you have ideas for other pipe smoking tips you'd like to see featured here, please reach out and let us know! :D