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Top 3 Woods for Pipe Smokers | Mr. Brog Handmade Pipes

There are plenty of different pipe woods out on the market but what are the differences between wooden tobacco pipes? And which ones are the best wood for pipes? We are going to cover the most common woods used which are Pear, Olive and Briar. Each wood has different effects on your smoke so let's start with Pear.

Pear Wood Tobacco Pipe

In order to get a pleasurable smoke from your pipe, you will need to build up a carbonized lining to the entire bowl interior, which helps insulate the bowl for a cooler, more flavorsome smoke. With most pipes smoking five to seven bowlfuls of tobacco with the bowl only half-filled you start producing a nice carbonized lining.

Olive Wood Tobacco Pipe

Filling your pipe is the most important step. If done properly, your first bowlful should be quite pleasant, but if done incorrectly your pipe may burn hot and bitter.

We usually call this tongue bite! That stinging sensation on the tip of your tongue, that makes many potential pipe smokers abandon the hobby prematurely, is caused by not filling the bowl correctly and by using tobacco that is too moist or too dry.

Briar Wood Tobacco Pipe

When lighting your pipe it is preferred to use a pipe lighter or wooden matches. The first light is called the ‘charring light’. Its purpose is to create a charred ‘lid’ of tobacco that will hold the second light. When creating the charring light, move the flame all around the tobacco, igniting it completely, but be careful not to scorch the bowl rim. Once completed, tamp the charred lid down gently. Now you are ready for the second light. Puff slowly and move your lighter over the charred tobacco making sure to light the entire bowl.

What Are Our Favorites Tobacco Pipes?

Here at Mr.Brog the majority of our pipes are crafted from Pear and Briar wood, since we believe that they are the best wood for pipes. There are also some other great woods like oak, Cherrywood and Mahogany but Pear and Briar are our favorites.

Things to Remember About Wooden Tobacco Pipes

No matter what kind of wood your tobacco pipe is, the care you take with your pipe will have it last for years to come. Make sure you keep it clean and always allow enough time for you pipe to cool. Be sure not to smoke a bowl really hot so you do not cause burnout. Some of the less dense woods are prone to this as the wood is not as hard.

If you ever have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to help! :D