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Best Pipe Smoking Accessories | Overview and Review

Pipe accessories are specially crafted to make your tobacco pipe smoking experience a lot more pleasurable. In this video we are going to talk about some of the most common tools you will need to get started and what their uses are Pipe lighters, Pipe cleaners, Tamper Tool, Ashtray / Pipe stand and Leather Pouches.

Pipe Lighters

Pipe lighters make lighting up your tobacco pipe a breeze as they are specially made for a perfect light. Usually made with a tip to go down inside your bowl, the design allows for you to pull the flame down as you inhale to light up the tobacco. Matches also work well but torches used for cigar smoking can be very harsh on your smoke as pipe lighters as a much cooler flame.

Pipe Cleaners

Pipe cleaners are an absolute necessity with tobacco pipe smoking. They will make you life a whole lot easier and make caring for your pipe very simple. Most pipe cleaners are sold in a bundle and having more is always better for less. They allow you to get into those are to reach places and keep your pipe clean for the best possible smoking experience.

A Pipe Tamper

A pipe tamper tool is the most important tool for your pipe. It allows you to pack in the tobacco, loosen up a tight bowl and clean out some of the ask and carbonized lining. There are so many different types of tampers. Some are tools that have all three built in while some just tamp down the tobacco. This is the biggest accessory that you with get to know and use with every smoke. Also most pipe lighters have a tamper built into the bottom.

Ash Trays & Pipe Stands

Ash trays or pipe stands are always optional but are always nice to have around to either display your pipes while you are not smoking it or give you the ability to set it down during a smoke. Some are custom made for different types of tobacco pipes but most are universal fitting most average sized pipe. Pipe ashtrays will have a pipe of cork built in so you can tap out the ash when you are done with your smoke.

Leather Pouches

Leather Pouches are meant for you to take your tobacco pipe and tobacco with you when you're on the go, in the car, office or wherever life takes you. There allow you to carry everything you need for your tobacco smoke in a nice organized pouch.