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How to Keep Tobacco Fresh | Tips & Tricks

A question we are often asked is how to keep pipe tobacco fresh. There again are so many ways to do this and people will tell you hundreds of different ways they store their tobacco. You never want to let your tobacco dry as it will become bitter and not pack into the pipe well.

Short Term Storage

If you want to keep pipe tobacco fresh for shorter term storage, we offer a huge variety of rubber lined leather pouches like the Sheep Napa Leather or our Cow Hide Leather. 

Sheep Napa Leather - Extra Soft

Cow Hide Leather 

Mid Range Storage

For a mid range storage solution that will keep pipe tobacco fresh, our leather jars lined with rubber and cedar wood are a great place to start.

Leather Jars - Rubber Lining

Leather Jars - Cedar Wood lining

Water Proof Boxes & Mason Jars

Besides the products we carry, some other recommended ways to keep pipe tobacco fresh is with mason jars and water proof boxes. Water proof boxes you can pick up anywhere, amazon, Walmart and any store that sells outdoor gear. They come in so many different sizes you can pick one for you needs. Whether you are store a pouch or a tin it is a great way to keep everything airtight at an affordable price.

Mason jars are also a great way to go essentially doing the same thing. A lot of people have these laying around the house and if you don’t you can them anywhere. They are great to store tins, pouches or your blended tobacco in the jar.

Add an Apple or Lemon

Some people recommend adding an apple or lemon into your jar or box to help keep it moist and fresh as well.