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How to Light a Tobacco Pipe | Tips & Tricks

Today we are going to talk about how to properly light your pipe for a nice pleasurable smoke. Make sure you take your time and enjoy your smoke and do not rush or puff hard as you will get something called tongue bite a burning sensation on your tongue. It is the biggest thing that turns away inexperienced pipe smokers.

Pipe Lighter or Matches?

When lighting your pipe, use a wooden match or pipe lighter. I recommend pipe lighters as they are made specifically for tobacco pipes and don’t alter the taste of the tobacco. If you don’t have a pipe lighter handy using a match will work too.

If using a match, strike it and let it burn for a few seconds to get the sulfur off. By doing so it will not alter the taste.

Gentle Draws

Then, as you take gentle draws on the pipe, move the match in a circular movement over the surface of the tobacco. Do this until the tobacco is evenly lit.  Once it’s lit, you’re still not quite there.  

Charring Light

This is simply just the charring light. Its purpose is to create a charred ‘lid’ of tobacco that will hold the second light. Let it go out, then relight the same way. Once it’s evenly lit, you are ready to smoke. Your pipe may go out 2 or 3 times during your smoke, but that is normal. Enjoy the flavor of the tobacco and relax.

Stronger Pipe Tobacco 

Also it is suggested that you not inhale the smoke into your lungs.  Pipe smoking is different than cigarette smoking.  This type of tobacco is a bit stronger and is more for the flavor. So be cautious if you are new to smoking pipes or smoking in general.