No. 121 Sherlock Holmes Italian Olive Wood Tobacco Pipe

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Mr. Brog Smoking Pipe - Model No. 121 Sherlock Holmes Natural - Italian Olive Wood - Hand Made Tobacco Pipe

Our Sherlock Holmes Natural Pipe is hand made in Poland with high quality Italian Olive Wood with a small rim made out of Briar Wood at the shank adding to it's elegance. The wood is dried for 2 full season cycles to harden as much as possible. Olive wood is one of the best woods for creating quality smoking pipes. Although slightly more expensive than briar wood, nothing beats the beauty of the natural grains of an olive wood pipe.

Every individual wooden Sherlock pipe is signature stamped with the Mr. Brog seal, and model number, hand made by Mr. Brog in Poland making it unique in it's own way.

The 121 Natural Sherlock Holmes pipe, is designed after the famous British Detective Sherlock Holmes, who would frequently smoke a pipe made out of Olive Wood.

Our goal from the start has always been to effectively produce many pipes, while at the same time keeping the cost down at a minimum. We brought the costs down while not compromising the quality of the pipe and smoke, thereby bringing you this genuine high quality pipe for the lowest price possible. We proudly consider ourselves the king in affordable pipe manufacturing. Being affordable also means that any individual can own a full collection of a pipe rack, Styles, finishes, colors etc…

Our Mission:
While we try to fill the needs of the pipe smokers community, we also do our best to keep the pipe making process an art of form, not to be commercialized and machine made, only hand made. We also strive to bring you the best quality products possible to make your pipe smoking experience the most pleasurable. Our pipes are the perfect fit for personal use, and they also make the perfect gift. Over the years we have successfully sold over 2,000,000 pipes, making us the leader of the European pipe market.

  • Wooden Sherlock Pipe is 299mm in overall length - The inner bowl is 56mm deep and 20mm diameter - Outer bowl dimensions of wooden Sherlock pipe are 69mm tall and 42mm diameter.
  • Wooden Sherlock pipe is made out of Italian Olive Wood with a small rim made out of Briar Wood at the shank adding to it's elegance and has an acrylic mouthpiece.
  • This wooden Sherlock pipe includes a 9mm All Natural Component Filter - See Asin: B00CBQ4SAE For Refills 
  • Mr. Brog is a trusted brand since 1947 with over 2,000,000 tobacco pipes sold, and many happy customers since its creation.
  • Since the wooden sherlock pipes are handmade and natural, the colors may vary slightly