No. 14 Churchwarden Set - Stand & 3-in-1 Tamper Tool

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We are selling a complete set of Churchwarden Pipe - Stand - 3-in-1 Tamper Tool.

Churchwarden Pipe

This pipe in this set is a Hand Made by Mr. Brog in Poland, Model # 14 Churchwarden.
This is the most popular pipe in our collection of over 100 models.
This pipe is made from the roots of pear trees, and are equivalent to briar pipes.
The pipe is signature stamped with the Mr. Brog seal, and Model #.


The stand is fold-able, and very lightweight. Will surely fit in your pouch.
Displays your pipe in a very classic majestic manner.

3-in-3 Pipe Tool

This is our most popular tamper tool. It is very lightweight, And it has very soft edges so it will not scratch you cake build-up.
Made from Stainless Steel, to last you a lifetime.

One combined shipping cost for all "Three" items.
You save more then 18% over buying it separate.

  • Top Quality - For Serious Everyday Smokers
  • Great pipe stand - folds away for travel - slim and lightweight
  • Comes in Gift Box - small to Medium size bowl
  • Lightweight 3-in-1 Pipe tool
  • Mr. Brog has sold over 1,000,000 Pipes in Eastern Europe