Lakota Indian Spirit Peace Pear Wood Tobacco Pipe

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The Indian Sacred Pipe
While some people call it The Peace Pipe or The Lakota it really is a Sacred Pipe of Spirit of Manitou It is told in ancient indian history that when the Arrow Woman recieved the pipe from the spirit the first time, she was told: "The smoke is the breath of The Creator, When you draw the smoke in into your body, you will be cleansed and made whole. When the smoke leaves your mouth, it will rise to The Creator. Your prayers, your dreams, your hopes and desires will be taken to Him in the smoke. Also the truth in your soul will be shown to Him when you smoke the pipe. If you are not true, do not smoke the pipe. If your spirit is bad and you seek to deceive, do not smoke the pipe."
Then the spirit added:"Just as a man and a woman remain separate until joined in marriage so too are the bowl and stem separate. Never to be joined unless the pipe is used."
Genuine Feathers offer their natural qualities to this hand made peace pipe.
The bowl is made of true top quality selcetd pear wood roots, so you get a great smoke out of it.
This will mkae a great gift for any pipe smoker, and symbolizes you spirit of mind toward them.

  • Great Gift Idea
  • Show Them Your Spirit & Peace
  • Something Your Smoking Buddies Don’t Have
  • Smokes Great - Smooth Soft Draw
  • Over 1,000,000 Pipes Sold By Mr. Brog since 1948