Poker Pipes for Sale - Alphabetically: A-Z – 75-100

Tobacco pipes come in all shapes, sizes, and wood types. Each type of tobacco pipe makes for a different  smoking pleasure. Your preference in tobacco smoking should be the only deciding factor when buying a tobacco pipe. 

Poker pipes are straight tobacco pipes with a cylindrical, flat-bottomed bowl which allows the pipe to stand on a flat surface on its own. Also known as a 'sitting pipe' poker pipes are light, easy to hold, and easy to rest on a surface.

The name poker pipe originates from a time when poker players would set the poker pip atop a pile of cards to keep them from dispersing. But that doesn't mean only poker players enjoy smoking their tobacco with a poker pipe. Anyone who is inclined to rest his tobacco pipe between puffs will very likely enjoy a poker pipe for smoking pleasure.

No. 171 Royal Mediterranean Briar Wood Tobacco Pipe
No. 171 Royal Mediterranean Briar Wood Tobacco Pipe