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Our sister brand Mrs. Brog provides top of the line cigar accessories to enhance your smoking experience. Just like our Tobacco Pipes we provide you with only high quality products at an affordable price.

Designed with you in mind we create our accessories for durability and usability with a wide variety of designs improving and modernizing classic designs.

Always expanding our product line of lighters, humidors, mouthpieces, stands / ashtrays, cutters and cigar cases, the same care that goes into our handcrafted pipes, goes into making sure our cigar accessories stand up to the test of time and quality we have had since 1947.

Browse some of our #1 selling products on Amazon and order from a brand you can trust for all your cigar accessory needs.

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Cigar Accessories

Full Grade Buffalo Hide Creased Leather Cigar Case
Full Grade Buffalo Hide Creased Leather Cigar Case