Mrs. Brog Cigar Torch Lighter and Cigar Punch Combo

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Stainless Steel

Why bother with multiple tools and stuff?
A truly sophisticated lighter, perfect for serious cigar smokers.
Its frame is beautifully accented by the matte chrome body finish. It is a very strong build, and will last a lifetime.
Featuring a revolutionary electro-quartz ignition, this lighter doesn't use any batteries, flints, or wicks. Simply push down on the ignition button to produce a bright torch flame that is angled to light your pipe with ease.
The size of the flame can be easily adjusted with the flame adjusting wheel on the bottom of the lighter.
This lighter also features a built-in tamper for your convenience.
Wind proof torch flame.
Butane Not Included

  • 45 Degree Angled Flame
  • Builtin Cigar Puch tools
  • Flame Size Adjuster
  • Mrs. Brog Gift Box Included
  • Butane Not Included