Tobacco Pipe Flint Stone Lighter with Built-In Pipe Tools - Tamper & Reamer - Strong Durable Built

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Black Dots
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Color:Black Dots

When it comes to pipe smoking, longevity is one of the most important features.
A lighter that cannot be passed on to your grandchild with your estate pipe, aint no lighter.
Of course you need a lighter that not only works well, but works GREAT, and lights every time at first flint. And handy built-in tools such as the tamper and reamer are a great plus too.
But in this lighter you get all that PLUS it is a strong durable built that will last you longer the pipe itself.
Tools are built in differently than all other lighter-tools in the market. With the smoker in mind, and with less breakable parts. This is not just a gimmick toy, it is the real deal.
The Tamper tool has an interlocking switch, so it doesn't slip back in when pressing on the tobacco. And the reamer comes out from the other side of the lighter, so it doesn't interfere with the tamper tool.
Easy access to change Flintstone. Screw in back of lighter is designed for easy flint stone replacement.
Yes, you can have it all without sacrificing anything

  • Strong Durable Built - Will Last a Lifetime
  • Interlocking Tamper Tool for Ultimate Performance
  • Slide Out Reamer Knife on the Side
  • Size: 65mm x 32mm x 12.5mm (2.5" x 1.25" x .5" Inches) Weight: 90g (3oz)
  • Butane Not Included