Tobacco Pipe Tool: 5-In-1 Carabiner D-Ring - Key Chain Clip Hook - Tamper - Cleaner/Reamer - Pick - Bottle Opener

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Royal Blue
Swiss Red

Color:Royal Blue

How many times in the past have you lost your Czech Pipe Tool? Probably too many to remember ;-)
We have set out to design the ultimate tool for Tobacco Pipe Smoking, and after trying multiple designs, and having them surveyed by countless pipe smokers, this tool was the winner on all fronts. Durable. Compact. Between Smoke Placement. Ease of Use. Carabiner Hook to ensure you don't ever ever loose it again, or find yourself smoking without a tool.
Above all the pipe necessities, we have added a beer bottle opener, which I'm sure you will agree is the second most important thing or pipers. And son't forget the key ring hole at the tip of the tool.
So what are you for? GET YOURS NOW!

  • Durability - Built To Last A Lifetime
  • Stainless Steel Blade - Aluminum Casing
  • Overall Folded Length: 7.7 cm
  • 5 Handy Tools In One Compact Piece
  • You Will Never Loose Your Pipe Tool Again