Cigar Humidor for 7 Large Cigars with Built-In Hygrometer - (Multiple Colors)

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Black / Red

Cigar Humidor for 7 Cigars with Built-In Hygrometer - Strong yet Lightweight Aluminum.

Another stunning piece of art and perfection by Mrs. Brog.
This Humidor has all the features needed to preserve your cigars in top quality condition. While not taking up too much space, and being lightweight enough to carry it along during travel etc,
Made of strong durable Aluminum, softly painted and electroplated to show its full beauty and quality.
You can't really tell the value and beauty of this piece till you hold it in your hands, but trust me, this is like no other Humidor Tube you have ever had or seen
The top cover has a built-in Hygrometer, Bottom cover has a built-in Humidifier.
Built-in partition holds the 7 cigars straight and in place for extra protection and preservation. Partition has seven holes of 24mm Diameter each.

  • Strong Aluminum Casing - Guarantees You An Intact Cigar
  • Built-In Hygrometer and Humidifier
  • Double Rubber Seals On The Cover Assures Air Quality
  • Superb High-End Craftsmanship - Seeing is Believing, Holding it is a Heart Changer
  • Size: 90mm Diameter x 200mm Length (3.5" x 8") - Weight: 680g - 1.5lb

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