Morta Wood Pipes For Sale – 75-100

Morta wood pipes are the way to go if you like a dry tobacco smoke. The Morta wood pipe will not influence the taste of tobacco, and is very durable, and you can find some rare beauties to make your tobacco pipe smoking a most pleasurable experience.

No. 112 Morta Morta Wood Tobacco Pipe
No. 112 Morta Morta Wood Tobacco Pipe
On sale from $69.99

Morta wood, also known as bog oak, is usually stained brown and has been dissolved in acidic water. Morta wood pipes are made of wood that is thousands of years old, and is found in only a few countries. Finding good quality morta woods to create wooden tobacco pipes is tougher than sourcing briar, pear and other popular wood used for tobacco wooden pipes, but if you are a morta wood pipe lover, you’ll thank us for the efforts. Other wooden tobacco pipes such as pear wood pipes, cherry tobacco pipes, olive tobacco pipes, maple tobacco pipes, and others, have merits too, but morta wood pipes have some unique features you won’t find elsewhere.