Mrs. Brog Cigar Travel Humidor - Built In Hygrometer & Humidifier - Holds Multiple Cigars

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Checkered Brown

Keeps Your Cigars At Perfect Shape Humidity and Freshness

This super storng aluminum humidor, comes with a built in Hygrometer on the top cover, and a Humidifier on the bottom cover.
Its strong casing, gives you a virtual guarantee that your cigars will stay in shape, no matter what. Even when the TSA will throw it on the ground 100 times, as they often do ;-)
Designed to function flawlessly as both a normal travel case and a cigar humidor, and opens on both ends, top or bottom.
Constructed from aluminum and given a careful, precision build. Will never open accidently, and yet will easily scre open when needed.
Hit the road for extended amounts of time, all the while protecting cigars and keeping them as fresh as the day they were rolled.

  • Great For Travel Or The Cigar Smoker On The Go
  • Anti-Slip Rigid Side Grip
  • Strong Aluminum Casing - Assures Your Cigars Stay In Shape Under Any Circumstance
  • Built In Hygrometer & Humidifier
  • Approximately 7-3/4" X 6.5" Diameter - Holds Multiple Cigars