Keaychain Spike-Tamper-Reamer 3 in 1 Tobacco Pipe Tool - Lightweight Stainless Steel

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Key Chain

Very Soft Edges, so you wont scratch you cake build-up
This Three In One High Quality Stainless Steel Tobacco Pipe Cleaning Tool Contains aTamper(Stubber), aReamer& aSpike(Pick). 100% Brand New! Never Used!

Special Key Ring Loop, Hook it in to your key chain, and take it with you everywhere.

Beautiful design, will make you proud in front of your buddies.

USAGES:Tamper (Stubber): Allows you to pack the pipe bowl chamber. Reamer: Helps clean out the dottle & ash from the bowl chamber. Spike (Pick) is great for cleaning & removing ash & other residue in the stem and shank as well as the bowl chamber.

  • Stainless Steel - Will last Very Very Long
  • Extremley Lightweight - Less Then An Ounce - Best Model For Carrying Around
  • Key Chain Loop - So you have It When You Need It
  • Sturdy and Durable - Not your regular garbage
  • Less then 3" - Takes Up Very Little Space