Wood Tobacco Pipe Tool Tamper - Pear, Oak & Briar Wood

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Briar Wood
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Having a Mr. Brog Tamper in your collection is not just another piece or tool laying around. It's a statement of Quality and Dignity.

This tamper is beautifully crafted from Authentic Wood and will enhance your tobacco pipe smoking experience.

Mr. Brog makes every Pipe or Pipe Tool by hand, and is individually finished to meet top Quality standards. It is no wonder that Mr. Brog has sold more then 2,000,000 in the Carpathian Mountains Region, which include Poland, Ukraine and Slovakia.

Tobacco Pipe Studio by Mr. Brog
In a beautiful corner of Europe, in the Polish Carpathians, there's a small city in the middle of the mountains, called the city of Przemysl.

Przemysl has a rich history of the pipe-making traditions and masters.
As early as 1947, master craftsman Kazimierz Rog founded this company and built himself a name in the industry as a true artist and designer.

Over 70 years later, and 2,000,000 pipes into the hands of happy smokers, Mr. Zbigniew Bednarczyk continues to masterfully design these pieces of art and providing the market with a huge array of high-quality pipes, that impress buddies and smoking counterparts throughout the world.

We combine a passion for creating art and business. We have achieved a leading position in this sector in Poland and Internationally.
We stand behind our brand and will be here to help you with all your pipe concerns, Before, During and After your Mr. Brog pipe purchase. You can purchase with ease of mind.
All our pipes are handmade. It is therefore quite difficult if not impossible to make identical pipes. The pictures will vary slightly to the product you receive.
Each pipe is signature engraved to ensure authenticity

  • A True Wood Tamper for True Pipe Lovers
  • Won't change the taste of your tobacco as steel-metal tampers do
  • Add Some Wood Color And Class To Your Pipe Collection

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