Luxury Style Tamper, Reamer & Pick 3-in-1 Tool - Oak Wood & Stainless Steel

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Color: Spectrum Colored Oak

This Three In One High Quality Colored Oak Wood & Stainless Steel Tobacco Pipe Cleaning Tool Contains a Tamper (Stubber), a Reamer & a Spike (Pick).
100% Brand New! Never Used!
A Center Piece for your desktop and Pipe Collection.
Beautiful Classic Oak Wood design with Stainless Steel rims, will make you proud in front of your buddies.
Tamper (Stubber): Allows you to pack the pipe bowl chamber. Reamer: Helps clean out the dottle & ash from the bowl chamber. Spike (Pick) is great for cleaning & removing ash & other residue in the stem and shank as well as the bowl chamber.

  • A Beautiful Piece of Art - don't compromise on your tools - it sets an affect on your whole pipe collection
  • Durable - made with strong stainless steal
  • Heavy Duty - Sturdy Piece - For your Desktop or Take Along - Will never get lost like the mini ones...
  • Spectra Colored Oak Wood - Will 'WOW' anybody that sees it.

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