Mr. Brog Prince Tobacco Pipe - Model No: 54 Cafe Mahogany - Beech Wood - Hand Made

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Another genuine piece of art by Mr. Brog.

The only model available in Beech Wood you will ever find.
The unique characteristics of beech wood, give this pipe an advantage over all others.
It is lightweight, yet durable. Will get you many smokes, and last a lifetime
It's slim design makes it a great traveler, take it along wherever you go.

  • Top Quality Beech Wood
  • Durable Lightweight and Slim - A Great Traveler Pipe
  • Unique Design - A Collectible to Treasure for every Pipe Enthusiast
  • Over 1,000,000 Pipes Sold By Mr. Brog
  • Cool and Smooth Draw, You will truly enjoy smoking it!