Biggo Tobacco Pipe Lighter

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This is the lighter which sets the standards for all others. The pipe lighter does its job better than any other.
This lighter is intended and designed specifically for pipes. There are holes on each side of the wick.
When you light it sideways over your pipe bowl, the flame goes up out of the (now top-facing) side, and when you "inhale", the flame is pulled through the other side and straight down into your bowl. Perfectly.
The flame is very easy to draw into a properly packed bowl.
The design of the lighter is such that it functions just as well for cigars and cigarettes with the added bonus of design to light pipes better than any other conventional lighter.
This lighter makes the pipe-smoking experience even more enjoyable since the difficulties of matches and regular lighters are eliminated. Even re-lighting a fairly deep bowl that has accidentally gone out becomes rather easy.
Prevents the buring of you fingers, and protects the top of your bowl from fire damage.
Fuel Not Included - For ultimate perofrmance and a pipe bowl free of odd taste, we reccomend you use only Zippo Lighter Fluid.

  • Wind Resistent Design - Works Virtually Everywhere
  • Genuine Distinctive "Click" When Opened
  • Sturdy Metal Construction - Designed to Last A Lifetime
  • Comes in Gift Box - With 2 Extra Flints
  • Fuel Not Included (Zippo Lighter Fluid is Recommended)