Copper and African Wenge Wood Luxurious Cigar Tube

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Lighting a Bogie and puffing off, is not all there is to a cigar. In fact the immediate surrounding such as coleuges furniture and accessories can make a greater impact on you cigar taste, than the cigar itslef.
While smoking a Cigar is surely an upper class thing, doing it with low qulaity accessories is just a waste of your money.
That is why you need to take a closer look at this Mrs. Brog Tube.
When you need that extra touch to stand out between all the common stuff already out there, this is the tube you can rely on.
Made from extremely durable Copper on the inside, and top quality African Wenge Wood, perfectly stained to expose the most beautiful features of the natural wood.
This is another piece of art created by Mrs. Brog, that is undeniably adding value and class to you entire cigar experience.
Don't settle on just anything that has a cover, this pieces was technically engineered to not allow any outside air whatsoever. It is 100.00% airtight. This means that once your cigar is inserted you can go a long long period of time and have the original moist cigar with you.
Try it, you will not regret it.

  • Strong Aluminum Casing - Guarantees You An Intact Cigar
  • Naturally Stained Oak Wood Reveals The Beautifull Wood Grains
  • Creatively Engineered Cover Assures 100% Airtight
  • Easy, Lightweight and Handy - A Great Carry Along
  • Inner Tube Size 24mm Diameter x 170mm (0.95" Dia. X 7")