Luxurious Cigar Ash Tray - Copper - Solid One Piece Design

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Lighting a Bogie and puffing off, is not all there is to a cigar. In fact the immediate surrounding such as colleagues, furniture and accessories can make a greater impact on you cigar taste, than the cigar itself.
While smoking a Cigar is surely an upper class thing, doing it with low quality accessories is just a waste of your money.
That is why you need to take a closer look at this Mrs. Brog Ash Tray.
This Luxurious Cigar Ash Tray is made of fine Copper.
Engineered and designed in a Solid One Piece which will never break, and is easy to clean.
Just having it sit around on your desk is a relaxation, emagine adding a cigar on top of that.
Actually, Mrs. Brog would say:"You're not buying as Ash Tray here, You are buying a piece of art in the form of an Ash Tray".
So don't waste your time with all the junk stuff, get this one today, and you'll never regret it.

  • Luxurious Cigar Ash Tray
  • Copper
  • Solid One Piece Design
  • Easy To Clean And Maintain

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