Mr. Brog Beautiful Handmade 19 Inch Long Tobbaco Smoking Pipe - Orient Morta Walnut - Oak Morta Wood

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Mr. Brog Beautiful Handmade Tobacco Smoking Pipe - Orient Morta Walnut - Oak Morta Wood

Our Orinet Morta Pipe goes through a fascinating production process. Starting with the stem, which is made out of high quality Indian Rose wood, and beautifully engraved with stunning designs by talented Indian craftsmen. Then it is shipped to our factory in Przemsyl Poland where our highly talented craftsmen create the Shank and Bowl made out of original Morta Oak wood, which comes from beneath the bed of the lake, where it has been petrified and densed throughout thousands of years! The Morta pipe comes with its natural color without any external color or polish. The Morta wood gives the pipe a smooth, dry, and cool smoke, and adds a unique texture to the smoke. The long size of the pipe is conveniently designed so that the smoke cools off by the time it goes through the long stem, and that the heat and smoke stay away from the face. Each individual pipe is engraved with the Mr. Brog seal and the pipe’s model to ensure its authenticity. The Orient Morta pipe is a unique long pipe, and considered one of a kind!

Our goal has always been to effectively produce many pipes, while at the same time to keep the costs down at a minimum without compromising its quality, thereby bringing you this high quality pipe for the lowest price possible. We proudly consider ourselves the king in affordable pipe manufacturing.

The Brand:
Since the company’s creation in 1947, we have successfully sold over 2 million pipes, and built a base of many happy customers who appreciate and trust our brand, making us the leader in the European tobacco pipe market. Our pipes are perfect for personal use, as well as to be given as a gift. We stand behind our products, and hold customer satisfaction as our top priority. We strive to bring you the best quality pipes possible to make your smoking experience the most pleasurable.

  • This long Pipe is 480mm in overall length - The inner bowl is 42mm deep and 20mm diameter - The outer bowl dimensions are 58mm tall and 45mm diameter
  • This pipe is made out of high quality Oak Morta Wood for the bowl, and Indian Rose Wood for the stem, and has a durable acrylic mouthpiece.
  • Since the pipes are handmade and natural, the colors may vary slightly
  • This long pipe is handcrafted in our factory in Przemsyl Poland
  • Mr. Brog is a trusted brand since 1947 with over 2,000,000 tobacco pipes sold, and many happy customers since its creation.