No. 315 Octagon Pear Wood Tobacco Pipe

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Mr. Brog Handmade Tobacco Smoking Pipe - Model No. 315 Octagon Mahogany - Pear Wood Roots

Our Octagon pipe is handcrafted by a selected group of individuals with a unique craftsmanship and attention to detail, at our factory in Przemsyl Poland, which is widely known as the leading city in Europe for creating high quality tobacco pipes. This pipe is made out of wood using high quality roots of pear trees. Pear wood is a common material for creating pipes, and gives a slight taste of fruity sweetness when smoking, once you break into it. It is finished with a natural coating and carnauba wax, giving it the final beautiful look.

The Octagon pipe is a classic yet very unique pipe. Its bowl is beautifuly designed in the shape of an octagon (as the name indicates). The bottom of the bowl is conveniently designed with a flat surface, so that the pipe can stand on its own. Each individual pipe is engraved with the Mr. Brog seal and the pipe’s model number to ensure its authenticity

Our goal has always been to effectively produce many pipes, while at the same time to keep the costs down at a minimum without compromising its quality, thereby bringing you this high quality pipe for the lowest price possible. We proudly consider ourselves the king in affordable pipe manufacturing.

The Brand:
Since the company’s creation in 1947, we have successfully sold over 2 million pipes, and built a base of many happy customers who appreciate and trust our brand, making us the leader in the European tobacco pipe market. Our pipes are the perfect fit for personal use, and they also make the perfect gift. We stand behind our products, and hold customer satisfaction as our top priority. We strive to bring you the best quality pipes possible to make your smoking experience the most pleasurable. So sit back, inhale, and enjoy a happy and relaxing smoking!

  • This Pipe is 143mm in overall length - The inner bowl is 32mm deep and 20mm diameter - The outer bowl dimensions are 40mm tall and 43mm diameter
  • This pipe is made of high quality Pear Wood Roots and has a durable acrylic mouthpiece.
  • This pipe includes a 3mm metal reusable stinger filter that can optionally be removed for greater airflow
  • Since the pipes are handmade and natural, the colors may vary slightly
  • Mr. Brog is a trusted brand since 1947 with over 2,000,000 tobacco pipes sold, and many happy customers since its creation.