Smoke Pipe - Bighorn No 27 - Pear Wood Root - Hand Made

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This pipe was Hand Made by Mr. Brog in Poland.
Mr. Brog pipes are the most popular pipes in Eastern Europe.
These pipes are made from the roots of pear trees, and are equivalent to briar pipes.
The # 27 BigHorn pipe is a classical and very unique pipe, finished with natural coating and carnauba wax.
Every pipe is signature stamped with the Mr. Brog seal, and Model #.
We are selling the Red Mahogany finish.
This pipe uses a 9mm filter (included), but it's optional, smokes well without it too.

  • Unique Design - A Collectable to Treasure for every Pipe Enthusiast
  • Top Quality - For Serious Everyday Smokers
  • Over 1,000,000 Pipes Sold By Mr. Brog
  • Since It's Natural - Color May Vary Slightly
  • Comes in Gift Box - Medium size bowl