Tobacco Pipe Lighter With Pipe Tool - Easy One Push Light (Multiple Styles)

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Smoking a pipe is a very classy and relaxing thing to do, but if you light it with trash, then you are better off not doing it at all.
This lighter has got all you need to add and invigorate your touch of class.
A well-designed flint stone pipe lighter, that can be handled with one finger, and won't shut off in the middle of lighting.
One Buttons to push down, no wheel stones etc, just push and light
Tamper and pick tool are uniquely designed to the bottom of the lighter.
A truly sophisticated lighter. Perfect for serious pipe smokers.
Its soft 45 angle flame is beautifully accented by the polished chrome finish.
The size of the flame can be easily adjusted with the flame adjusting wheel.
This piece is Guaranteed on the body for two full years.
Butane Not Included

  • Heavy Chrome Build - 2 Year Guarantee
  • Built-In Tamper and Pick
  • Flame Size Adjuster
  • Mr. Brog Gift Box Included
  • Butane Not Included