Tobacco Pipes: Churchwarden Pipes for Sale

Handcrafted by our pipe artists and led by pipe master Zbigniew Bednarczyk we keep the tobacco pipe-making process an art form at an affordable price. We diligently select the perfect wood, shape, color and style that creates the world-renown unique and quality tobacco smoking pipes we have been known for since 1947. We craft our pipes from a variety of woods including; Acacia Wood, Cherry Wood, Briar Wood, Morta Wood, Pear Wood, Rosewood and Oak Wood. Some of our freehand tobacco pipes and limited editions come from more unique rare woods so that we can provide unique tobacco pipes for you.

Setting us apart from the other tobacco pipe manufacturers, we hand craft every pipe and pay attention to the details so that we can provide you with unique tobacco pipes. Selecting our woods for different tastes, pipe shapes for different smokes and allowing you to find your perfect match for every blend of tobacco you own. From large to small smoking tobacco pipes we have every variety shape and color, from our distinguished models, labeled by number and name, to our Freehand pipes that are one of a kind from our artists. Check out our unique tobacco smoking pipes. Check out our unique tobacco smoking pipes, including the popular Zulu selection. You’ll love ‘em! And don't forget to find the perfect tobacco to go with your new pipe!

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Tobacco Pipes For Sale : Churchwarden Pipes for Sale

Jazz Pear Wood Tobacco Pipe
Jazz Pear Wood Tobacco Pipe

Tobacco pipe smoking is an art. Tobacco pipe crafting is an art. We bring the two together to give you an absolutely divine tobacco smoking experience. Churchwarden pipes in particular provide an awesome experience for tobacco pipe lovers. Churchwarden pipes produce a cooler smoke, and keep the user’s face at a distance from the heat and smoke product in the bowl of the churchwarden tobacco pipe. Check out our unique tobacco pipes for sale to find your new favorite smoking pipe.