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Briar wood is one of the most common and strongest woods out there. Turning briar wood into your favorite wooden tobacco pipe is an art that Mr. Brog takes pride in. Briar pipes are great as wooden tobacco pipes for daily smokers. They have a great taste and the look of the beautiful briar wood. Enjoy your wood smoking pipe with quality briar wood!

No. 85 Schmidt Mediterranean Briar Wood Tobacco Pipe
No. 85 Schmidt Mediterranean Briar Wood Tobacco Pipe
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Wooden tobacco pipes are extremely popular — and for good reason. Briar wood pipes in particular are well loved, smoking pipes due to their ability to absorb moisture, and their resistance to fire. Other wooden tobacco pipes that are beloved as wood smoking pipes such as pear wood pipes, cherry tobacco pipes, olive tobacco pipes, maple tobacco pipes, and others, have merits too, but briar wood pipes remain the most popular type of wooden tobacco pipes for both mass manufactured and hand crafted wooden pipes.