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About Mr. Brog

Who Are We?

Our company goes back to 1947 when master Wiktor Winiarski and Zbigniew came up with the idea to start a pipe company called “Wooden Accessories and Plastic Products BESKID". In 1992 to 1995 the company became Mr. Brog, and we began giving names and numbers to all our handcrafted pipes. Over the years we have successfully sold over 2,000,000 pipes, and are known around the world as one of the top pipe brands in the market. 

World Renowned Brand

Over 2,000,000+ Pipes Sold

Always Handmade Always in Poland

How Our Signature Pipes Are Made


Hand Selecting & Carving The Perfect Wood

We prepare the right amount of wood, or root and position the culaga to cut the height, width and length of the block which we measure along the rings of the wood.


Handcrafting Our Signature Pipe Shapes

We prepare the basic pipe shapes according to the model and style, and each pipe artists goes on to prepare his or her pipes by hand, artistically choosing the style they want to create.


Finishing With Our All Natural Coatings & Wax

Finishing with polishing, carnauba wax, and natural coating our artists complete the tobacco pipe by then stamping it with the model number, and Mr. Brog seal.

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